I think I posted a review a long time ago but removed it as I'm not really sure Christians are supposed to rate other people, but, because I recently saw that Google Reviews are being corrupted by fake reviews, I thought I would review as a means to counter-act that. That said Mr. Sellers did a great job with his team installing our water filtration unit a few years ago. It was very hard to find reliable plumbers in the area, and we've not had an issue with the system now for four years about. Every other contractor we've used from our door locks to the dryer vent to a previous plumber broke quickly, and so we were thankful that there was still a reliable service person whose performance matches their ratings left in this area. I believe the price was affordable as well. I am confused as to why their company does not come up on a google search for plumbing services in the area, but perhaps that is because they invest less in e-advertising than performance based word of mouth. I hope things go well for this company.

Alice W.

Derrick has been fully renovating our home and we could not be happier. He gutted our home to the floor beams and replaced and repaired our home's old termite damage. He worked with us to change the layout to one that had a better flow. Our home now looks immaculate. He is great to work with and his work is excellent. I would highly recommend him to anyone needing home repair. He also had a great team working with him.

In addition to the recent home renovation, he also installed our septic tank last year. We had a tree in the way and he helped us remove it along with its roots, so that our tank would work properly. A year later and it still works like brand new.

Along with his excellent work, his customer service is also great. When we were searching for a contractor, Derrick stood out to us. The other guys would not answer their phones and would give us the run around. Not Derrick, he always responded and he always got back to us on things he needed to think about. A+


We called Mr Sellers tonight, Saturday at 8:30 PM, and he was here within 15 minutes. He cleared our main sewer line within 45 minutes! Highly recommend! No other plumbing service in Hartsville offers weekend service. We were very thankful and relieved.

Gennie W.

Such an awesome experience! We thought that we would need a new water heater, ours being 24 years old. Derek said he'd save us the money and just replace the elements. We were also having sewer issues. He checked EVERYTHING and fixed the problem. He's an upstanding man with wonderful qualities. I recommend that you hire him for all of your home repairs and upgrades. He's qualified and licensed for so many projects.

Teresa P.

Punctual, knowledgable, and thorough, the D-CO guys were total professionals. I called Derek on a Thursday morning about my overflowing toilet and shower. By dinner time that same night, he had fixed some shoddy work that had been done by the previous home owner. He stayed well into the night to complete the work, and I strongly recommend him to any home owner in need of repairs.

Max E.

Derek fixed two minor plumbing issues at my house and I was very pleased with his work. I was impressed with how knowledgeable he was about how to repair the faucets that were leaking. I will be calling him next time I need anything done and would recommend him. Also, his pricing seemed fair.

J H.